• Visokey Background

    Paul Visokey combines his extensive experience in selling and marketing with a thorough understanding of the businesses he represents to identify the most profitable transaction for either the buyer or the seller.

    Paul takes advantage of his Engineering, Computer Science and MBA degrees to develop sales and marketing strategies that present a seller's business in the best light thereby gaining maximum value. His business experience and education contribute to his ability to properly develop a market value for the businesses he represents.

    During his career with organizations needing unique solutions, he developed a knack for implementing a focused approach to the business strategy, and coached his sales teams for quick results. He uses this same focused approach to achieve quick results in marketing a client's business.

    Paul Visokey is an expert in building and leading sales and marketing organizations in startup environments. Paul has experience in both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer markets, with specific experience selling to Fortune 500 enterprises and major telecom carriers. He has managed direct sales organizations and distributor networks via channel sales reps. Paul has also balanced his many years leading sales organizations with extensive experience as a marketing executive. As a business broker he knows how to market and sell a client’s business to the right buyer at the best price.

    Paul resides in Bucks County PA with his wife Carol. They have three sons and three grandchildren. The children and grandchildren reside in the NYC metropolitan area and Paul and Carol maintain a second home in Manhattan.

    Do you own your own business?

    If you do, planning for the future growth or sale of your business is important, and planning with a business expert
    is a must. Whether you are planning to sell your existing business or planning to expand your business, call us,
    we are here to help you identify the most profitable
    course possible.

    Are you looking for seamless business expansion?

    Business expansion sometimes takes long periods of time, however, if the desire to expand your business includes the purchase of other similar businesses, we can help you locate and identify the most equitable situations at the right price to match your expansion plans.

    Have you considered expert guidance to sell your business?

    We have developed the experience to identify fine opportunities in the business market. Whether you are interested in selling your existing business or expanding through the purchase of a similar business, we can dramatically reduce your efforts, increase the efficacy
    of your search and match you to the buyer or seller who will make the most sense for your needs.